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Decorating your home can take you forever. Decoration pieces such as ornaments are easy to alternate and, in the process, create a totally different atmosphere and look for the room. With Riverdale decoration, you create atmosphere in your home and make your house really cosy. Timeless designs in combination with trendy items and in any desired living style.
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Riverdale decoration. Still looking for something special. A beautiful ornament, a painting for the wall, a photo frame and a bell jar where you can put your beautiful souvenir of the journey and in this way give your house more and more character of yourself. Riverdale also has beautiful products in this group. Take the MACE group, for example. Luxury ornaments made of brushed alumium on a marble base. The Eliza series are beautiful ornaments that again fit perfectly with the vases Cherelle. Create your own style and give your house the character that suits you.

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