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Riverdale | You are home

Residential brand Riverdale

Riverdale is an all-round residential brand that is able to provide every room in the house with furniture and suitable home accessories. The collection consists of a wide range in various styles. Riverdale is always looking for the latest trends and developments that are translated into our collections. Every season a refined palette of colours and materials is created. From timeless and elegant natural tones in combination with black, to fashionable seasonal colours such as blue, green and burgundy. In this way, our collections are always up to date. With our extensive collection we appeal to many people, and we have a suitable product for every interior. That's the power of Riverdale.

Interior for stylish living

With fashionable living as our motto, Riverdale is always on top of trends of the moment. These are converted by a team of designers from fashion and lifestyle to stylish living to inspire you. And always with a Riverdale look and feel. Our own characteristics are reflected in all items for your interior. The Riverdale home furnishing store comes with a new collection twice a year. At the beginning of the year with a spring collection (spring-summer) and halfway through the year with an autumn collection (autumn-winter). Of course, our spectacular Christmas collection is also released every autumn. The extensive range in each collection consists of different themes. Therefor there is always something for everyone, suitable for every lifestyle. It gives the opportunity to mix different interior styles - whether modern, rural, Scandinavian, industrial or bohemian - and change your interior in an instant.

Accessories and furniture for the whole house

Endless in style. A sentence that tells in a few words what Riverdale stands for. With our products, the possibilities to fashionably furnish the house are endless. From stylish eye-catchers to sturdy sofas and from basic home accessories to timeless tableware. With our own kitchen and bathroom line, we offer inspiration for the design of every room in the house. You create a stylish base with furniture, such as a chic sofa and table or a beautiful timeless kitchen. The most beautiful cushions in the colours, fabrics and prints of the season and an earthenware service that shows off in the sideboard determine the atmosphere in the house. With Riverdale home decoration you can go in all directions. A lantern, lantern and candlestick with candles from Riverdale can find their place in any interior. A large striking clock or lamp to emphasize the look and feel in the room or change small details in your interior with new photo frames, vases or romantic mood lights. Simply order online, shipping is free from € 50.

"You are home"

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