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Hurricanes are real mood creators and fit any interior. Will you go for a glass hurricane with a wooden base, or a bold metal hurricane? Riverdale has hurricanes for every style of interior
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Hurricane Flo 14cm sand
€ 14.95 per Unit
Hurricane Flo 14cm black
€ 14.95 per Unit
Lantern Ellen H37cm black/gold
50% discount € 59.95 € 29.97
Lantern Ellen Ø37cm black/gold
50% discount € 59.95 € 29.97
Lantern Ellen 45cm gold
€ 109.95 for € 109.95 € 74.50
Lantern Ellen 62cm gold
€ 119.95 for € 119.95 € 79.50
Hurricane Alicante 35cm old pink
€ 29.95 for € 29.95 € 14.95 per Unit
Hurricane Alicante 35cm brique
€ 29.95 for € 29.95 € 14.95 per Unit
Hurricane Ise H25cm black
55% discount € 38.95 € 17.53
Hurricane Kenton H41cm black
50% discount € 99.95 € 49.97

The Riverdale lanterns should also not be missing at home. The Flo and Oly Group are with the handmade hurricanes in different colors. A nice object for the living room, kitchen or bedroom. With the PIP series we have combined Acacia wood with glass which gives the hurricane a timeless but chic look. In addition, we have combined many lanterns in glass with metal or glass with wood. All products are in addition to a nice piece in the interior, but also real atmosphere makers. If you really want to finish it, don't forget to buy the Riverdale candles.

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