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Scented candles in jar

Create an inviting atmosphere in your home with Riverdale scented candles in pots. Scented candles spread a wonderful aroma. At the same time, the scented articles are colourful accents in the interior. Do you opt for a subtle transparent or a pronounced golden accent in your interior? Scented jar candles spread a soft and diffuse light and are easy to light.
Scented candles in jar
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Scented candle Sensa 12cm burgundy/pink
€ 39.95 for € 39.95 € 19.95
Scented candle Sensa 16cm burgundy/pink
€ 59.95 for € 59.95 € 29.95
Scented candle Jill 9cm gray
€ 7.50 per Unit

The Riverdale scented candles in pots come in many variants. Our 6 important scents has an important part of this range. Forest & Patchouli, Lotus & Jasmin, Oud & Bergamot, Lily & Green Tea, Grapefruit & Lime and Tea & Cardamom. Each of these scents has its own character. On our site we work with top notes, notes and base notes so that it is easy to choose the scent that suits you. We also have the Sense series. Beautifully colored glass jars filled with candle, each with a beautiful scent. Once the candle burned out, this product remains a nice atmosphere light for the home. Most scented candles also have a beautiful packaging so that this product can also be given a nice gift.

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