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Scented candles

The Riverdale scented candles are bright spots of comfort and sophistication, available in a variety of scents, sizes and colors. From the romantic warmth of Jasmine Tea to the refreshing Summer Bellini, each scented pillar candle envelops your home with a wonderful aroma. Riverdale scented candles are the perfect companion for relaxing evenings at home or for creating a cozy atmosphere.
Scented candles
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Riverdale Scented candles 

A seductive scent of Arabian Nights or the fresh White Tea & Ginger, each scented candle promises a scent experience for the senses. Whether you choose the organic lines of the swirl or the rustic look of a handmade finish, these candles are a feast for the eyes and the nose. Place them in lanterns or on a plateau combined with other pillar candles for the complete picture.

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