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Scented candles

The relaxing ingredients in Riverdale's scented items create an atmosphere that perfectly suits the mood or occasion. Scented candles spread a delightful aroma. At the same time, scented items are colourful accents in the interior. Place the scented candle in a cozy hurricane, or style several on a tray. Scented candles spread soft, diffused light and are easy to light.
Scented candles
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The Riverdale scented candles burn incredibly beautiful. All our candles, but certainly also the scented candles are extensively tested for color fastness, odor and burning the candle. This process listens closely because not every color with every scent can be combined. We have been feeding these candles for a long time in the collection. Though we have continuous renewal in colors, scents and models. In the current collection of scented candles we have the Swirl candle and the Pillar candle. Both in different sizes, colors and scents. You have rarely had such nice scented candles.

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