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Candleholders are a must when decorating your home. You can decorate almost any room with them, from the living room to the bathroom and even your balcony or garden. With the Riverdale candles you really finish the candleholders. Of course, the candleholders bring a lot of warmth into your home, but they also certainly make a statement. Whether you mix a group of small candleholders or place two large candleholders on a side table.
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The Riverdale candleholders are real atmosphere creators in your home. For example, we have a large group of candleholders made of brushed aluminum, these products have a robust appearance and are an eye-catcher for the interior. The candleholders Lue have a beautiful and chic engraving which gives these candleholders a luxurious look. The candleholders Elvie and Emily are made of ceramic with a beautiful sand structure on the outside. A group that lends itself perfectly to being mixed. One of the last groups we just introduced are the Luna candleholders. These candleholders can be used for a block candle and dinner candle and if you turn them over as a vase. By combining different products you create a beautiful picture at home that you can also change every time. Be creative.

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