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Tables and side tables

With a combination of side tables, you add a personal touch to your interior. For instance, you can combine tables of different heights and materials as a coffee table. If you incorporate these materials in a side table, sideboard or butler's tray, your interior remains a whole.
Tables and side tables
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The Riverdale salon and side tables are also indispensable in the interior. We have a wide range of salon and side tables. These are decorative and functional throughout the entire home. From steel tables combined with glass that are hand painted up to and including metropolit tables made of brushed aluminum with a robust appearance. For scratch resistance and to prevent easy damage, we also regularly use a powder coating in the finishing layer. Side tables for the hall, coffee tables for the living room, beautiful sidetables for against the wall or behind the couch, side fellows to place beautiful objects up to and including side tables for your bed. Think carefully about your choice, because these objects have an important look in your interior.

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