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The best diffuser can of course be found at Riverdale. There is plenty of choice from our famous fragrances, ranging from Forest & Patchouli to Lotus and Jasmine. Found your favourite? We also have refills available. The beautiful gift packaging makes the diffusers great gifts too.
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Diffuser Elegance 40ml black
€ 9.95 per Unit
Diffuser Boutique excl. 1200ml grey
€ 119.95 for € 119.95 € 89.50
Diffuser Boutique excl. 500ml pink
60% discount € 59.95 € 23.98
Diffuser Boutique excl. 1200ml nude
€ 119.95 for € 119.95 € 89.50
Diffuser Deluxe 2200ml black
40% discount € 139.95 € 83.97

The Riverdale scent sticks already have a considerable brand awareness. We are currently working with 6 important scents for the scent sticks. Forest & Patchouli, Lotus & Jasmin, Oud & Bergamot, Lily & Green Tea, Grapefruit & Lime and Tea & Cardamom. Each of these scents has its own character. On our site we work with top notes, notes and base notes so that it is easy to choose the scent that suits you. The scent sticks come in various sizes, so a scent stick can be purchased for every room. The packaging really finishes the product, so that you can also give it as a gift.

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