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If we use cookies or similar technologies for the purposes outlined above, we will first ask for your permission to the extent required by law.

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. Both Riverdale B.V. and other parties may send cookies. Cookies are used to ensure that you are not repeatedly sent the same information or that you do not have to enter the same information again when you visit our site. Cookies may also be used to make you relevant offers based on your surfing behaviour outside the website. There are various sorts of cookies. Most browsers can be configured so that cookies are not accepted or that you are notified when you receive a cookie. Instructions for adjusting the browser settings can be found under ‘Help’ in the toolbar of most browsers. Even though you may still be able to visit the site, it is possible that if cookies are not accepted, certain services or elements of the website will not function properly. By not accepting cookies, the usability of our website and services will be limited.

We use cookies to provide you with the best user experience. For more substantive information and the distinction we make here, we refer you to us cookie policy.