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Riverdale's home fragrances seduce the senses and give your space its own personality. Do you like diffusers or do you prefer to use a roomspray with which you can spread the scent whenever youwant? We also have various scented candles in pots to bring extra atmosphere when you light them. Looking for a present? Then our gift sets are the perfect gift!
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Roomspray Boutique 15ml white
€ 4.95 per Unit
Roomspray Boutique 15ml black
€ 4.95 per Unit
Scented candle Jill 9cm gray
€ 7.50 per Unit
Roomspray Boutique 500ml black
€ 29.95 for € 29.95 € 14.95 per Unit

Riverdale is strong in developing odor products. The scents are specially selected in our factories by our specialists. Quality is extremely important so the scent must be good. For example, we bring products such as scent sticks, scented candles, scented candles in pots and room sprays on the market. In addition to the scent, the shape of the product is also very important. We think it should be a piece of jewelry for the home. The packaging is certainly no less important. The scent collection is extremely suitable for giving as a gift and then you want the product to be completely finished.

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