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A clock is not only handy to know the time, but also a beautiful object to hang on the wall or put on a cabinet or table. A Riverdale clock is known for its quality and beautiful finish, fitting in a stylish interior. In addition, they combine well with our wall decoration and mirrors. The rule of thumb is to hang the centre of a clock at about eye level, but decide for yourself what you like and what suits your situation. Place a table clock on a nice tray with a hurricane lamp or a few candles to give it an extra atmospheric touch.
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Wall clock Milena Ø40cm violet
50% discount € 99.95 € 49.97
Wall clock Milena Ø40cm ruby
50% discount € 99.95 € 49.97
Wall clock Wales Ø40cm gold
50% discount € 79.95 € 39.97
Wall clock Wales Ø70cm gold
20% discount € 149.95 € 119.96
Wall clock Wales Ø102cm gold
40% discount € 239.00 € 143.40
Wall clock Brixton Ø65cm metallic
50% discount € 125.00 € 62.50
Wall clock Milena Ø40cm oystergold
40% discount € 99.95 € 59.97

Riverdale clocks really finish the space. A nice showpiece for the wall, on the table or in the windowsill. The timepieces are made specially in Taiwan with which we invest in the quality of the timepiece. The Dean series is made of cast metal and has no figure indication. This makes this series a bit tougher. The Nate series is made of stainless steel with inserted mango wood. This mango wood is still lightly burned before mounting the clock, so that the mango wood does not discolour. The Levie series is also easy to combine because of the color scheme.

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