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Scented candle Sense L - Peach Blossom Scented candle Sense L - Peach Blossom Scented candle Sense L - Peach Blossom
Scented candle Sense L - Peach Blossom
Scented candle Sense L - Peach Blossom
Scented candle Sense L - Peach Blossom

Scented candle Sense L - Peach Blossom

Kleur: Pink
Kleur: Pink
Kleur: Gold
Kleur: Brown
Kleur: Black
Kleur: Black
Kleur: Multicolour
Kleur: Multicolour
€ 59.95
Delivery time: 1 - 3 business days
Product information
Article number
Fragrance type
Fragrance name
Peach Blossom
Top notes
Roze peperkorrel, Zwarte bes
Heart notes
Jasmine, Perzik, Ylang
Base notes
Cedarhout, Muscle, Sandalwood
Burning hours

Sense Scented Candle Peach Blossom - 16cm

The luxurious Sense scented candle in a jar with the scent Peach Blossom creates a real atmosphere in your interior. The scented candle is poured into a glass jar. The fun pink colored effect in the white glass adds a playful touch, making it not only a fragrant highlight but also a visually appealing decoration piece.

With 66 burning hours, this scented candle offers long-lasting pleasure from the wonderful scent of Peach and Ylang Ylang and subtle top notes of pink peppercorns and black currant. The base notes provide a woody fragrance addition of cedarwood, musk and sandalwood.

Whether you place the Sense scented candle in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, the Sense scented candle adds a wonderful scent and nice addition to any room.

Usage advice:
  • Make sure the entire top is melted before blowing out the candle. This prevents candle tunneling and you lose fewer burning hours.
  • Do not place the scented candle in a draft, as this can cause the candle to run out faster.
  • Jar candles can never be burned to the bottom, leave at least 1cm of wax on the bottom.
Under all our candles there is an instruction sticker that indicates what you should pay attention to when burning the candles. This way you can enjoy our candles safely and optimally!

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