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Are you in need of a new fauteuil, or are your chairs no longer comfortable? Time for a new look and feel in your interior. Riverdale has a wide range of furniture such as dining chairs, bar stools and armchairs.
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Fauteuil Teddy 75cm gold
30% discount € 650.00 € 455.00
Lounge chair Ridge 82cm anthracite
€ 475.00 for € 475.00 € 275.50
Armchair Ridge 82cm black
60% discount € 450.00 € 180.00
Armchair Ridge 82cm gold
60% discount € 450.00 € 180.00
Armchair Ridge 82cm burgundy
60% discount € 450.00 € 180.00
Armchair Walton 85cm cognac
€ 789.00 for € 789.00 € 395.00
Armchair Walton 80cm green
€ 700.00 for € 700.00 € 350.00

Riverdale Dining room chairs and Riverdale armchairs are an asset to the interior. The design of the dining room chairs make this elegant. The different colors are easy to combine. Certainly in the Lynn, Eve, Ava and Elin series, different colors can be mixed, which gives a nice look at the dining table. Rather 1 color, of course that is also possible and it gives more peace in the interior. The armchairs for the living room, bedroom are real eyeecathers. Examples are the Teddy, Maddy, Ridge and Walton. All of them beautiful armchairs that are also very comfartable. The Miller armchairs can be combined well with the hockers and sofas from this same serie.

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