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Votive Luna 18cm amber

Votive Luna 18cm amber

Kleur: Brown
Kleur: Black
Kleur: Brown
Kleur: Brown
Kleur: Gray
€ 22.50
Delivery time: 1 - 3 business days
Product information
Article number
15 cm
15 cm
19,5 cm
"That multifunctional and stylish go hand in hand in hand proves Kandelaar Luna. Luna can be used as a candlestick for a stub candle or dinner candle, but if you turn it around it is also used as a vase thanks to the waterproof finish! This way you can always change the setting and decoration, while you keep the same warm atmosphere. The Luna Kandelaren blown their mouths, making every item unique. Due to the heat that occurs during this process, the coloring in the glass is created. Kandelaar Luna has a shiny amber color, has a height of 18 cm and a diameter of 15 cm. Applications: - Tea light - vase"

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