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Beautiful cutlery can give your set table that extra touch. Whether you are looking for a golden cutlery set or tough stainless steel, Riverdale has it covered. Tip: complement your cutlery set with cake forks, teaspoons and a cake server for the complete look.
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The Riverdale cutlery has long been in the collection. The pure series is made from Stainless Steel "18/10", this is one of the best quality to make cutlery. The cutlery is designed Elegant and fits comfortably in the hand when using. Always put cutlery upside down in the dishwasher, this prevents an attack on the cutlery. In addition to the 20 -parts set, there is also a set with teaspoons and cake forks. A cutlery which lasts a lifetime. In addition to the pure series we have a series of Sam, this spoons set is decorative on the table, made from mango wood and has a warm appearance. The set is packed in a gift box and therefore easy to give as a gift.

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