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Scented candle Boutique 10cm white Scented candle Boutique 10cm white Scented candle Boutique 10cm white Scented candle Boutique 10cm white
Scented candle Boutique 10cm white
Scented candle Boutique 10cm white
Scented candle Boutique 10cm white
Scented candle Boutique 10cm white

Scented candle Boutique 10cm white

Kleur: White
Kleur: White
Kleur: Pink
Kleur: Black
Kleur: Pink
Kleur: Gray
Kleur: Green
€ 13.50 per Unit
Can be ordered from 2 pieces
Delivery time: 1 - 3 business days
Product information
Article number
Fragrance type
Fragrance name
Lotus & Jasmine
Top notes
Hyacinth, Melon
Heart notes
Jasmine, Lotus, May clock
Base notes
Orchid, Sandalwood
Burning hours

Boutique scented candle Lotus & Jasmine 10cm

Discover the harmony of the Riverdale Boutique scented candle Lotus & Jasmine, a masterpiece that stimulates your senses and transforms the space into an oasis of peace and luxury. This beautiful Boutique scented candle provides a refined scent combination of lotus and jasmine, which are enriched with sublime fragrance notes.

The top notes of melon and hyacinth provide a refreshing and lively fragrance experience. At the heart of this scented candle is a lush bouquet of lotus, jasmine and lily of the valley, resulting in a warm and inviting heart that fills the room with a beautiful soft scent. The base notes of orchid and sandalwood provide a deep and long-lasting foundation for this fragrance experience. The warm and earthy character of sandalwood brings the fragrance to an elegant and refined conclusion.

With 22 burning hours, the Riverdale Boutique Lotus & Jasmine scented candle not only offers a fragrant addition to your space, but also a stylish decoration. The candle is cast in a beautiful black glass jar and radiates a timeless elegance that enriches your interior.

Usage advice:
  • Make sure the entire top is melted before blowing out the candle. This prevents candle tunneling and you lose fewer burning hours.
  • Do not place the scented candle in a draft, as this can cause the candle to run out faster.
  • Jar candles can never be burned to the bottom, leave at least 1cm of wax on the bottom.
Under all our candles there is an instruction sticker that indicates what you should pay attention to when burning the candles. This way you can enjoy our candles safely and optimally!

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