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Riverdale is strong in developing fragrance products. The fragrances are specially selected in our factories by our specialists. Quality is extremely important so the scent must be good. For example, we market products such as scented sticks, scented candles, scented candles in pots and roomsprays. In addition to the scent, the shape of the product is also very important. We think it should be a piece of jewelry for your home and that you can easily give it as a gift. To make room for the new collection, this is your chance to purchase a beautiful fragrance product at an extra affordable price. Don't wait too long because these are tha last pieces.
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Scented candle Sensa 16cm burgundy/pink
€ 59.95 for € 59.95 € 29.95
Scented candle Sensa 12cm burgundy/pink
€ 39.95 for € 39.95 € 19.95
Scented candle Pillar 7.5x23cm brown
€ 12.95 for € 12.95 € 6.50 per Unit
Scented candle Pillar 10x10cm brown
€ 9.95 for € 9.95 € 4.95 per Unit
Scented candle Swirl 7.5x23cm brown
€ 12.95 for € 12.95 € 6.50 per Unit

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