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Hanging lamps, table lamps and floor lamps: lighting is essential in your interior. Lamps are practical and can also be very stylish. Beautiful lighting also creates a nice, serene atmosphere in the room. Riverdale offers a suitable lamp for every style, whether you go for tough metal, chic glass or retro rattan.
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The Riverdale lamps are beautiful interior objects. The Moon series comes in different sizes and colors and is very beautiful on a sidetable, side table or bed table. The entire collection consists of standing lamps to give a warm appearance in the corners of a room, table lamps that, like the Moon series, come out very well on side tables and hanging lamps that fit well above a dining table or sitting area. Various hanging lamps also come in several sizes. Combine this in particular and be surprised of the result. The color choice of the lamps ensure a warm lighting in the room in which you place them. Here too, your own creativity comes out well. The lamps from the Sienna and Noah group are real eye -catchers. The Noah has a finish with beautiful natural stone and gives a lot of warmth in the room. The Sienna series is mainly made of glass and gives a luxurious look. The glass elements are individually packaged due to fracture sensitivity.

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