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Trays, platters and bowls

Beautiful trays, platters and bowls cannot be missing at a cozy get-together! For example, choose a beautiful mango wood platter combined with black bowls for an evening of tapas, or a nice round or square etagere for a high tea. Of course, you can also use the trays and platters to style a group of candles or put small accessories on them.
Trays, platters and bowls
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The Riverdale trays and bowls are beautiful decorative pieces and consist of many different materials. The Lois series is a nice scale that can be used for multiple purposes. Because the scale itself is made of glass, it is easy to clean. The trays and scales from the Oxford and Lily series are made of brushed aluminum and come from India. They have a robust appearance. The multiple tier trays can be used in the kitchen to impose different products and create height in the room. The wooden bowls and cutting boards are often made of mango wood. This is a strong type of wood and similar to oak wood. A serving board of up to 80 -100 cm looks great on a sidetable or dining table. Also put tasty snacks or beautiful mood lights here. This way you create your own compassion and character in the house again.

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