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Make a space in the kitchen for your favourite Riverdale products! You can use our mix and match tableware in combination with our glassware. You can also use our bowls and platters decoratively in the kitchen. Or do you prefer using them as trays for candles or other accessories? These wooden shelves combine perfectly with our storage jars!
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Tray Lily 62cm black
€ 175.00 for € 175.00 € 87.50
Etagere Mika 55cm gold
€ 109.95 for € 109.95 € 55.00
Platter Granada 32cm mocha
30% discount € 22.95 € 16.07
Tray Raavi 56cm gold - set of 2
€ 55.00 for € 55.00 € 27.50
Mug Viv print 1 10cm white
€ 7.95 per Unit
Mug Viv print 2 10cm white
€ 7.95 per Unit
Mug Viv print 1 10cm sand
€ 7.95 per Unit
Mug Viv print 2 10cm sand
€ 7.95 per Unit
Water glass Iris clear 10cm transparent
50% discount € 6.95 € 3.47 per Unit
Water glass Iris clear star 10cm transparent
50% discount € 6.95 € 3.47 per Unit
Mug Suzie 14cm black
€ 9.95 per Unit
Bowl Suzie 16cm black
€ 7.95 per Unit

Nothing is as cozy as to sit together with family and / or friends and enjoy delicious snacks and or dishes. This is all about the experience with each other and the cosiness. If a table is also dressed, which gives this moment an extra dimension, that is of course fantastic. That is why we, as Riverdale, pay a lot of attention to this category. Beautiful serving dishes, tableware, cutlery and bowls in short everything to make a beautiful table. Also don't forget the candle holders of Riverdale and the corresponding candles. That way you really make it an experience and your family, but certainly also your friends and guests will be enthusiastic about what you have pulled of.

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