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Vases and pots

A bunch of fresh, dried or silk flowers should not be missing in any interior. Put them in a classic glass vase or add extra colour to your interior with coloured vases. Do you prefer plants? Then Riverdale is the place to be. With flowerpots in different sizes, colours and styles, you can give every plant a stylish look.
Vases and pots
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Flower pot Suus 18cm black
€ 14.95 per Unit

The Riverdale vases and pots should also not be missing in an interior. We have developed new molds for the Lune vases, these vases come in 5 different sizes and in 4 colors. These are also all packaged in a gift box so that this vase can be easily given as a gift. The Suus series, both the vases and the pots, are hand made and painted by hand. This makes each of these products unique. The Cherelle series has been launched as one of the last groups and fits this time. The outside of these vases feels sand grainy. These beautiful objects come in two colors, white and beige. By combining here again with different vases or candle holders from this group you create your own atmosphere again.

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