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Gift Parijs
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Gift Parijs

€ 61.85 for € 61.85 € 45.00
Delivery time: 1 - 3 business days
Product information
Article number
120 ml
Fragrance name
Tea & Cardamom
"Experience the magic of Paris with our exclusive Giftset: ambient lights, plates, and scented sticks" Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Paris with our irresistible "Paris Gift Set". This exquisite ensemble embraces the romance and elegance of the French capital, bringing a touch of Parisian charm directly to your home. Our meticulously curated set contains everything you need to create an atmosphere of warmth and luxury. What the set includes: Ambient lights in amber-colored glass: infuse your surroundings with a warm, golden glow using our ambient lights in amber-colored glass. These exquisite lights capture the light in a magical manner, diffusing a serene atmosphere that allows you to envision strolling along the Seine as the sun sets. 2 small plates: bring the elegance of Paris to your dining space with our two refined small plates. Each plate is lovingly adorned, adding a touch of artistic refinement to your table. Perfect for serving delicate treats and evoking a Parisian bistro ambiance. Delightful scented sticks in Tea & Cardamom fragrance: indulge in a sensory journey through the streets of Paris with our scented sticks infused with the enchanting Tea & Cardamom fragrance. With 120ml of this delightful scent, the sticks subtly disperse the aromas of warm tea and spicy cardamom, transporting you to cozy tea salons in Paris. Why choose our Giftset: Our "Paris Gift Set" is a beautiful present that captures the spirit of Paris in a unique and enchanting way. Whether you're seeking a thoughtful gift for a loved one or looking to embellish your own space, this set is an unforgettable choice. Order now and cultivate an ambiance of luxury and romance in your home, inspired by the timeless elegance of Paris.

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