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A sofa is an important and defining element in your interior. Both in terms of style and comfort. At Riverdale, you can choose from several styles of sofas. Will you go for a minimalistic model with a luxurious soft fabric, or a tough leather model?
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The Riverdale benches are all quality benches and are sincerely comfortable. In addition, they provide a nice picture in the interior. The hulls of the sofas are made from a combination of chipboard with beech wood. The interest is that the Nosag springs are always stretched on the beech wood so that the seating comfort is optimal and the sofa retains its quality for longer time. The cushions have different fillings, but in general we hold 35 kg of weight for a seat cushion and 25 kg for the back cushion. The fabrics are easy to clean with water and have good color fastness. The wear of a bank is also important to us and that is why we often opt for substances with a high wear. The Bold series is made with an Eco-Leather fabric. This is an artificial leather on the outside mix with real leather on the inside.

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