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Poufs and stools

Poufs and stools are a fine addition to any interior. You can easily create an extra seat, or an extra side table with a tray on top. With our storage poufs, you also have that little extra space. Riverdale has poufs and stools for every style of interior, from luxurious velvet to warm bouclé.
Poufs and stools
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Pouf Do 53cm creme
€ 189.00
Bench Blake 122cm taupe
€ 450.00 for € 450.00 € 225.00
Bench Blake 122cm black
€ 450.00 for € 450.00 € 225.00

The Riverdale ottoman and stool collection is quite large. These are beautiful elements in the interior and very practical to use. Both the storage poufs and the Beau series, for example, ensure that many things in the house can be cleaned up neatly. Very practical. If you have people visiting, an ottoman or stool is ideal for sliding. It takes up much less space and it is very cozy. The Chelsea series is a real classic and can easily be combined with multiple colors. The Do series is a somewhat more luxurious ottoman that is executed in the fabric velvet and bouclé. The Didi sets can be used as a sitting element, but it is also a nice object as a side table. Then use a tray on top of this graceful ottoman.

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