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Cabinets are a practical part of your interior, but they can also contribute to expressing a style. Whether you go for a chic wooden variant, or a tough industrial one made of metal, Riverdale has it covered. Choose a closed cabinet for lots of storage space or go for a cabinet with transparent or smoked glass to show off your most beautiful crockery or accessories. Your most special wine bottles can also be displayed in our wine cabinet.
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The Riverdale cabinets ensure a nice display of the products you have collected during your life. What could be better to give your house a personal character and to show your family and friends the important things in your life. The ADAM and Amaro series are perfect for this. Where the Amaro cabinets are combined in particular with glass, the Adam series has metal shelfs and different courses. The latter group is also an eye -catcher when you place it against the wall. Because of its design you can combine endlessly in it. The Elena Series is also elegant in shape and is also practical in use. The combination of steel with glass and the golden handles complete this cabinet and a welcome addition to the interior.

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