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Storage jars

Storage jars no longer have to be just practical; they can also be very stylish! Show your love for cooking and show off your favourite dry ingredients in a beautiful Riverdale storage jar. In summer filled with cheerful pasta, and in winter filled with star anise. Or, of course, all year round with your favourite coffee beans.
Storage jars
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The Riverdale storage jars have two lines. The first is Pip, these are made of acacia wood combined with glass. Under the lid is a rubber ring so that the pot closes nicely and is practical to use. The leather handle with which you lift the lid really completes this pot and is a decorative object in the kitchen. The drink tap is very beautiful. Nice for the summer to do water with lemon and mint in. Of course there are many combinations. It is a real eye -catcher. The Lana storage pots are made of glass. These also have a rubber ring under the lid, so that the pot closes well and is practical to use. The colors of the glass occur during the production process and so every storage jar is unique. A very nice serie that will look great in the kitchen.

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